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Boxer was one of three original horses living in Manor Farm, later known as Animal Farm.

Background Edit

He was described as being huge and well-respected by the other animals due to his hardworking attitude, despite him not being very intelligent. He managed to learn the first 4 letters of the alphabet, and expressed an interest in wanting to learn the other 22 after he retired. He was also extremely strong, perhaps as strong as three normal horses, and worked incredibly hard. He was always getting up earlier than the other animals when jobs needed doing and sometimes even working at nights. His motto was "I will work harder" and later, "Napoleon is always right".

Book Edit

In the battle of the cowshed, he fought bravely and stunned a stable boy, but, thinking he was dead, regretted doing so, saying that he'd forgotten that he'd had iron horseshoes on. He was awarded Animal Hero, First Class. Again, in the battle of the windmill, he fought with heroism, breaking the heads of three men with his hooves. However, he was injured quite severlly, having sufferred a split hoof, a dozen pellets in his hindleg, a bleeding knee and, to top it all off, he had lost a shoe. He didn't stop working though, wanting to see the windmill finished before he retired in a few months. So, ignoring the pain and his friends warnings, he continued to work until he collapsed one night. One of his lungs had stopped working and he knew that he would have to  retire a month early, but said that he had been looking forward to it and maybe Benjamin could retire with him. Most of the animals were upset, but the pigs, who pretended to be upset as well, arranged to sell Boxer onto a slaughter house (telling the other animals they were sending him to a hospital), knowing that his usefullness had come to an end. Upon finding out the truth after being informed by Benjamin, the other animals ran to warn Boxer, who was already travelling in the slaughterers cart. After they told Boxer where he was headed, he tried to escape, but he was weaker now and couldn't. He is presumed to have been killed and used in unhumane ways, as his body was never recovered. Squealer told the animals Boxer indeed died in the hospital and that the van did belong to it but it previously belonged to the horse slaughterer and had not been painted over yet. He also used Boxer's supposed last words to convince the animals to remain loyal, which in the case were "Napoleon is always right". This was indirectly proven false to the readers when Napoleon received more whisky that he "somehow" got money for it. He was eventually forgotten except by some animals after several years.

1954 Movie Edit

Boxer was also the same strong horse in the movie. He was frequently seen around Benjamin and even shared a stable with him.

1999 Movie Edit

Boxer was also present in this movie. He often spoke to Jessie and was great friends with her.

Relationships Edit


Boxer and Clover were extremely close. It is highly possible that the two had a romantic relationship as they came in together to listen to Old Major's speech. It is also possible that he fathered Clover's four foals. Clover showed great concern for him after the battle of the windmill, telling him to work less hard. She also stayed with him and looked after him after he collapsed after working too hard. She managed to run the fastest to catch up with Boxer when he was being carted off to the slaughter house and warned him where he was going. She appeared to be very heartbroken after his death as well.

Benjamin Edit

Boxer and Benjamin were best friends. It was said that they spent Sundays grazing together in the small Paddock near the Orchard side by side. Even though they never actually spoke a lot, maybe even at all, it is said that Benjamin was devoted to Boxer, without openly admitting it. He was concerned for Boxer after the battle of the windmill and, after Boxer collapsed, stayed with him, keeping the flies away with his tail. He was the one who realised where they were taking Boxer and chased after the cart till Boxer was gone. He appeared to be devestated by Boxer's death. 

Connection to History Edit

Boxer represents the working class in Russia who worked the hardest to their fullest, but was ultimately disposed of once it outlived usefulness.  

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