Animal Farm, Boxer


Alive (1999 Movie) Deceased (Book and 1954 Movie)

Jessie was the mother of Napoleon's Nine hound and the wife/mate of Pincher. She is also the narrator and main protagonist of the 1999 Movie.

Background Edit

Very little is known of Jessie in the book and on the 1954 movie other than her being a dog at the farm along with Bluebell and Pincher and the mother of Napoleon's hounds. Her back story isn't revealed in any of the movies or the books, but it is assumed she was loyal to Jones since it was said Napoleon's dogs walked beside him like the dogs used to do with Jones.

Book Edit

Jessie is briefly mentioned here and there in the book. She had nine puppies with Bluebell and they were eventually taken by Napoleon and trained as his guards.

1954 Movie Edit

Jessie is seen in the meeting with Old Major. She is later on killed when defending the farm from Jones shortly after he was expelled from the farm, thus why Napoleon decided to taken the puppies.

Interestingly, she's the only adult dog present at the time.

1999 Movie Edit

Jessie gets a major role. She noticeably takes on many roles which would have been Clover's roles in the book.

Jessie told Mollie of the meeting in the evening, to which she agreed to go to. After Old Major got shot, she witnessed his death. She fought Jones along with the other animals to free the farm. Shortly after, she accompanies Snowball several times, including when he was painting the new sign of the farm. She has her puppies shortly after, having three as opposed to nine in the original story, who get shortly after taken by the pigs. She protested to have her puppies back but was denied. She saw them again when Napoleon summoned them to hunt down Snowball, much to her horror. She had big suspicions on Napoleon. She took care of Boxer after his fall and called him desperately when he was taken away. After Boxer's death, she convinces Benjamin to flee the farm with as many animals as they could, to which he agrees. They flee the farm until Napoleon's death by a storm. An almost blinded Jessie is reunited with her puppies at last. In the end, she awaits as new family owners arrive and is in hopes they will be good.

Parallels with Clover Edit

On the 1999 Movie, Jessie noticeably replaces Clover. It can be observed in multiple occasions how Jessie's actions mirror Clover's:

  • Jessie is the one who is close to Boxer.
  • Jessie is the one to beg Boxer to stop working so hard.
  • Jessie is the one who runs to Boxer's side once he's fallen and ask him what happened.
  • Jessie is the one that runs in front of everyone else when Boxer's taken away.
  • Jessie gets vision problems after years.

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