Mollie is one of the three original horses in the farm.

Background Edit

Mollie is a vain and materialistic white mare who loves looking nice. She enjoys wearing ribbons and eating sugar cubes.

Book Edit

Before the rebellion, Mollie was basically an unintelligent and vain horse, just pulling carts and used to look nice for the humans. She wore ribbons quite often. She also wanted to keep having sugar after the rebellion.

After the rebellion, as the animals are going through the farmhouse, they lose track of Mollie. When they find her, "she had taken a piece of blue riboms from Mrs. Jones’s dressing-table, and was holding it against her shoulder and admiring herself in the glass in a very foolish manner". It’s not surprising that when work begins, Mollie often shows up late and leaves early. She doesn’t seem to care who is in power as long as she can do as little work as possible.

Mollie's behavior continues in the same manner until shortly after the Battle of Cowshed. During the battle itself, she hides in her manger, and as the winter comes on and life becomes slightly more difficult for the animals, "Mollie became more and more troublesome. She was late for work every morning and excused herself by saying that she had overslept, and she complained of mysterious pains, though her appetite was excellent". Clover eventually sees Mollie letting one of the neighborhood men pet her nose, and soon after Clover and some other animals discover sugar hidden in Mollie’s. In the end, Mollie runs off to be taken care of by humans, the narrator notes that, "none of the animals ever mentioned Mollie again". Mollie becomes a memory not just of unfaithfulness to the cause but of the simple fact that not everyone prefers Animal Farm to Manor Farm. Mollie is so addicted to the simple luxuries that she had under Mr. Jones that she can't imagine making sacrifices for a social movement even if, in the long run, it's supposed to be for her own good.

Her ultimate fate is unknown.

1954 Movie Edit

A white horse is seen in the background multiple times. It is implied to be Mollie.

1999 Movie Edit

Mollie is first seen pulling a dog-cart and being informed by Jessie of the meeting. She is seen in the meeting beside Boxer and another horse. She asks who will put shit in her hair or brush her hair if the humans are gone. She is later on seeing complimenting Boxer for his bravery on the Battle of Cowshed. She has no further appearances in the movie and her ultimate fate is also unknown.

Connection to History Edit

Mollie is meant to resemble the Russian middle class. They were faithful to the Bolsheviks, but they weren't about to give up their luxuries, even if it was supposed to be for their own good in the long run. When the Bolsheviks asked them to give up their luxuries, many of them abandoned the cause and fled to the West.