Moses was a raven and farmer Jones's personal pet. Moses commonly told tales of a mysterious "Sugercandy Mountain" and how it is a paradise above the clouds where all animals go when they die. Many animals on animal farm dislike Moses, because he does no work and only tells tales. The pigs also disliked Moses, since he advocated for loyalty toward farmer Jones. This lead to the pigs having to convince the animals that believed Moses, that all he said was lies.

During the rebellion Moses fled the farm with Mrs. Jones, knowing that he would be punished if he stayed.

Moses and his teachings are meant to be an allegory for the church, since the church had very strong ties with the tsar's, the tsars in animal farm being the Jones. Sugercandy mountain is meant to be a metaphor for heaven. Moses is also symbolic in that he flees during the rebellion, since many members of the church fled Russia during the revolution.

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