Napoleon is a Berkshire Boar, and a key political leader on Animal Farm.Like the other pigs, he is intelligent and literate. He continously disagrees with Snowball, another pig, over almost every issue. While not being a born speaker, Napoleon was exceptional at gathering support. When Jessie and Bluebell had puppies, he took them away to "Educate" them. During one of the Sunday meetings, when he and Snowball were arguing over Snowball's windmill idea, he let forth a shriek. Then nine dogs, taken from their mothers and trained by Napoleon, chased Snowball off the farm.

With Snowball out of power, Napoleon put himself as leader of Animal Farm, and abolished the sunday meetings. He absorbed Snowball's windmill plans, claiming them as his own. He uses another pig named Squealer (who is very convincing and a better speaker) to spread propaganda and maintain his influence. As his reign continues, he, along with the other pigs, break the Seven Commandments (the laws of Animalism), but has Squealer alter them to accept their behavior. He also elimates the singing of Beasts of England, replacing it with songs and poems in his favor. By the end of the book, he can walk upright, wears a suit, sleeps in the farmhouse, drinks, and throws parties with humans.

His real-life Soviet counterpart is Josef Stalin.

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