Deceased (Book)
Presumed Deceased (1999 Movie)</br>

Pincher is one of the three dogs who first lived on the farm. He is the leader of the animal guard in the 1999 Movie.

Background Edit

Little is known about Pincher in general. He's a Rottweiler on the 1999 Movie.

It is implied he was loyal to Jones since it was said Napoleon's dogs walked beside him like the dogs used to do to Jones.

Book Edit

Pincher is one of the three dogs at Jones' time. His breed along with anything else is unknown. He fought against the humans after Jones' expulsion from the farm.

He eventually dies along with Jessie and Bluebell.

1954 Movie Edit

Pincher was cut from the 1954 Movie, along with Bluebell.

1999 Movie Edit

Pincher is a Rootweiler in Jones' farm. After Jones' expulsion, he swears loyalty to Napoleon and becomes the guard in the farm. He is seen arresting animals in Squealer's movies.

It is unknown what becomes of Pincher in the end of the movie, but he is presumably killed by the storm along with Napoleon as he is not seen in the farm when the animals return.

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