A general collection, this.

The Poems Edit

1 ("O' Master Napoleon") Edit

Oh, Master Napoleon, lord of the cows

Leader of the dogs and masterful at settling rows

O' Praise to you, glorious founder of our farm

And brave protector, shielding us from harm

O'may you be protected, with every gun and club

May you be praised, down to every cub

You do help us, with shovel and gun

Giver and provider of butter and bun

2 ("Napoleon's Great Guises") Edit

O' glory to our Leader, Napoleon the Sun,

The Protector of animals and knowing how to run

Great Master you do help us, pick our allies and foes

Without doubt this will be prevent, many a great row

All kneel to our Leader, the Ruler of the land

We must all serve him, with paw and with hand

So let us unite, working for Napoleon the Lord,

We must never think of creating a senseless foolish Board

3 ("Hail the Master') Edit

Hail, hail Master Napoleon, lord of gun and butter

Before him no one shall wobble or stutter

Hail, hail Master Napoleon, winner of all battles

He defeats all enemies, from humans to beetles

Hail, hail Master Napoleon, the Lord Manager of the farm

Under him we all rejoice, and there is not any harm

Hail, hail Master Napoleon, Genius and Judge Supreme

Under his reign, Manor will certainly gleam


Hail, hail Master Napoleon!

Hail, hail Master Napoleon!

A-hail our Master and Lord!


4 (unamed song of praise in the Daily Animal News) Edit

Master Napoleon, how we enjoy your rule

O' Lord, O' Master, we will support not boo

O' Miracle Maker Napoleon, great Glowing Light to us

You have defeated on this Earth, every Tom and Gus

O' praise! O'praise! Joy and delight to us, via you, Eternal Leader

May you live forever and may our wills never waver

O' Master Napoleon, praise you, for you are the Great Ruler

You shall rule over Kings and Sultans, for ever and ever

5 ("Thank you Great Leader") Edit

Thank you, Great Leader, for giving us our meal

Thank you, Great Leader, for giving us potions to heal

Thank you, Great Leader, for defeating our dastardly foe

Thank you, Great Leader, for protecting us from woe

Thank you, Great Leader, for teaching us to learn

Thank you, Great Leader, for providing the beds we yearn

Thank you, Great Leader, for your magnificent plan

Thank you, Great Leader, for how mighty you stand

6 ("We will not be eaten by evil") Edit

O' Leader, we swear by your name,

We shall not be lured into the vane game

We shall never sleep in a bed with a sheet

Nor will we drink so much we can't see our feet

We shall never walk with two legs

For that is merely for our leaders the pigs

At last we promise, never to be vane

We shall always be obedient and sane