Emily the Elephant Edit

All the animals, Featuring Emily. Emily has a nightmare about a angel talking about to fly. His trying to fly and 100 times don't jump. The story contiues in part 2.

Ranny the Wolf Edit

Ranny the Wolf is a very good hunter. But the farm & zoo animals talk to don't kill like a hunter. The story part 2 is coming soon

Osric the Giraffe Edit

Osric and his friends was hungry and don't have food in their house. In good moring their are dead, How Osric can leave his friends to hospital? The story coutiues in part 2 & 3

Rocky the Penguin Edit

Rocky is lost on a forest and everyone is finding him. None seen rocky in the rocks, trees and stones. Contiue the part 2.

Shanu the Lion Edit

His sister Loon, Have a baby. And hospital was closed, Story part 2 coming soon

Other Animals Edit

Rabble the Gazelle

Gator the Ostrich

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